Here in the Art of Cake kitchen, I run classes to give you the opportunity to develop your cake decorating skills. Whether you are a complete beginner or have some skills already, I can help you take your work or hobby to the next level. I aim to inspire you and give you the confidence to create your own edible works of art. Classes are taught in a friendly and non-intimidating atmosphere. We will have fun!

The classes have been developed by myself, using my experience as an award-winning cake artist, a successful cake business owner and a qualified teacher. I am CRB checked for working with children and I have experience of teaching children and adults. My business is registered with the council and my kitchen holds a 5* Health and Hygiene rating.

Classes take place in the Art of Cake kitchen in St Leonard’s on sea, East Sussex

Foundation Class
Foundation Classes

A great place to start if you would like to learn how to create beautifully decorated cakes.

Decorating Skills Class
Decorating Skills

For those who have completed a foundation class OR wish to extend their decorating skills.

Sugar Crafted Flower Classes
Sugarcrafted Flowers Classes

A variety of classes that will teach you how to craft stunning hand made sugar flowers.

Cupcake Parties
Cupcake Classes & Parties

Fun cupcake decorating parties with options available for both adults and children.

Foundation Cake Classes

Foundation Baking Classes
Baking Class

This class is for complete beginners. If you’d love to bake, but just can’t seem to get the results you want, let me help you achieve perfect sponges and cupcakes.

In this class we will look at the creaming method of cake baking, including the equipment needed, information about ingredients, basic recipe proportions, adapting for different size cakes and tins, flavour variations, preparing tins, the method, testing for when the cake is done, making and flavouring buttercream, storing the cake, troubleshooting.

There will be lots of tips and advice throughout the class, gleaned from my 10 years of baking for my business and my qualifications in Food Science.

Under my guidance, you will bake a 6 inch round cake (to give 4 layers) and 12 cupcakes in a different flavour. You will make buttercream and decorate the cupcakes in 2 simple, but effective ways.
The round cake may be taken home to decorate yourself, may be saved (frozen if necessary) for you to join my Ganaching class on a future date, or there is the option to extend your baking class to include splitting, filling and decorating your cake in a semi-naked style.

Full set of detailed notes included for you to take home with your baked creations.

£150 one to one tuition.
£185 for one to one extended class.
£135 each person for two students together.
£165 each for two students together extended class.

Ganaching Class

This class is the place to start if you would like to create professional looking cakes, without unsightly bulges. Get those perfectly straight sides, level tops and sharp edges.

This class covers: levelling, filling, ganaching, icing and some simple decorative techniques.

It includes how to make plain chocolate ganache from scratch, so that you can confidently make it yourself at home. I will give you a reference sheet for variations and ideas on flavouring your ganache.

It also includes icing the cake, getting rid of any air bubbles and achieving a clean attractive finish, icing the board, making and using modelling paste… all to a professional standard. There will be lots of tips along the way, and as much help and advice as you need. Equipment is provided, along with the ganache, icing, modelling paste, boards and box. Full set of detailed notes also included.

The class is approximately 5 to 6 hours long. You will take home a beautifully decorated cake to enjoy and show off! Plus you will have the skills to recreate what you have learnt again at home.

£175 one to one tuition.
£145 per person for two or three students together.

Foundation Cake Decorating Class

Decorating Skills

These classes are for students who have taken a foundation class and would like to extend and build on their decorating skills.
Or for those who are already confident with filling, ganaching and icing a cake to a high standard. (Please contact me to discuss whether or not this level is appropriate for you).

The content for this class can be your choice from the following (as much as we can fit within the time frame of approximately 4 hours).
You will have the opportunity to learn and practice one or more of the skills you are interested in, and will take home a beautiful cake which you have decorated using your new skills.

Choose from:

*Stacking multiple tiers safely and securely.

*Marbling with the addition of metallic veining and edible leaf.

*Stencilling with coloured dusts, lustre dusts and royal icing.

*Semi-naked and textured buttercream finishes.

Decorating Skills
Decorating Skills Class

*Fresh flowers. Food safe arrangements.

*Modelling techniques for simple figures, animals, flowers and other details,

*Hand-painting onto icing.

For even more options and further information on what is covered, please contact me.

To be arranged based on the content and length of the class required.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Enquire about a tailor made class!

Sugarcrafted Flowers Classes

Sugar crafted Flower Classes

Classes teach a variety of extremely realistic and detailed flowers.
Classes include:
*Garden Rose, *Peony, *Orchids, *Succulents, *Spring Flowers, *Autumn berries and foliage, *Sugarcrafted leaves, (a variety including Ivy or Eucalyptus), blossoms and filler flowers.

All classes cover cutting and veining, wiring and shaping, dusting to add realism, taping with florist tape, creating an arrangement and how to attach to your cake.
You will learn how to use specialist tools and materials and leave with your beautiful flowers and a full set of notes, so that you can continue to practice at home. I am available for any follow up questions you may have.

For more information on the content covered, or to request other flowers not listed here, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Classes are usually a full day, depending on the flower and the number of students.
Some experience of sugarcrafting is desirable for these classes. (Complete beginners can request an introduction to Sugar Flowers class).

All equipment and materials will be provided, along with a full set of notes and equipment list. Some items of equipment may be available for purchase on the day should you wish.

You will take home your beautiful roses and lots of new skills to continue creating more at home.

For more information on these classes, or to request other flower classes not listed, please email me at

£175 one to one tuition.
£145 per person for two or three students together.

Sugar Crafted Orchids

Cupcake Classes & Parties

Adult Cupcake Classes

Book a cupcake decorating class for you and your friends (minimum 3 up to 6 adults).

We will spend a morning, afternoon or evening (3 to 3 and a half hours), creating 6 decorated cupcakes. No previous experience necessary. I will provide each person with 6 delicious cupcakes to decorate, and show you how to achieve great results.  Choose colours and cutters from my selection to create your own masterpiece. I will demonstrate, then give you tips and advice along the way. I will include teaching you how to make and use modelling paste for future cake decorating adventures you can try at home.

Classes may be booked as a party for you and your friends, (3 to 6 people) with the emphasis on having fun, whilst creating some beautiful and delicious cupcakes to take home.

As well as your cupcakes, you will take home a print out of one of my tried and tested recipes for cupcakes and for buttercream, plus notes on making and using modelling paste.

I also create seasonal cupcake classes, which are advertised on my Facebook Events page.

A decorating skills cupcake class will teach you some techniques such as:

*piping a buttercream swirl,

*using specialist cutters and impression mats, *using edible paints,

*making and using modelling paste,

*using modelling tools and moulds,

*marbling icing,


Contact me to join one of these classes, or to arrange your own cupcake decorating party.

£50 per person

Cupcake Parties
Childrens Cupcake Parties
Children’s Cupcake Parties

Book a children’s party for your creative little ones. Themed party cupcakes such as

Unicorns, Under the Sea, Woodland, Zoo Animals, Fairy Tale, Pirates and Mermaids, Harry Potter and Christmas, can be arranged. Or let me design a more general fun class for your party.

We will cover decorating skills such as

* piping buttercream swirls,

* rolling and cutting sugarpaste shapes,

* creating realistic textures using impression mats,

* using modelling paste and specialist tools to form simple decorations.

Each child will go home with their yummy treats carefully packaged in a cupcake box, so that they can proudly show off their creations (If they last that long!)

The classes do not include baking. Each child will decorate between 4 and 6 cupcakes (provided), depending upon their age and abilities within the 2 hour class time.

Responsible adults must attend with the children. They must be prepared to take full responsibility for the safety and welfare of the children for the duration of the class. Classes can be arranged for children 7 to 11 and 11 to 15 years of age. There must be one accompanying adult attending for every two children for the younger ages; and one accompanying adult a for every three children for the older ages.

(It may be possible to have a mix of the age groups. Please contact me to discuss options.)

I reserve the right to cancel the class if these requirements are not met.

£125 for class of 4 children (minimum size).
£25 for each additional child up to a maximum of 6 children.

Photos from Our Recent Classes

Tailor Made and Extended Day Classes

An extended day class typically will run from 10am to 4.30pm. (Although times can be adjusted if necessary). The class content can be made to fit your requirements.
For example, you may choose to combine a Foundations class with some additional content from the Decorating skills class list. Or you may combine a number of Decorating skills to form a longer class.
Or, you could combine a sugarcrafted flowers class with one of the decorating skills that require less time.
Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Extended Day Classes
£250 per person.

Tailor Made Classes

If you have specific cake decorating skills that you would like to learn, but don’t see listed here, or you have a particular cake that you would like to make, or you would like more than one day’s tuition, please contact me to discuss a Tailor Made Class, which will be planned specially for you.

Enquire about a class today!

Sylvia adding finishing touches to a cake

Frequently Asked Questions

All classes are held in my kitchen, which has a 5* health and hygiene rating. I am in St Leonard’s on Sea, East Sussex.

Seasonal classes with a set programme are run regularly and advertised on my Facebook page. I often run classes for special calendar celebrations such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter.
Please check events on my Facebook page as this is updated regularly.

Other classes are held when required, by request at mutually convenient dates for myself and the student(s).
If you are interested in a one to one class, please contact me to arrange a date.
If you would prefer to attend with other students, you can either make a date to attend with a friend or family member, or you can request to go on my email list for notification when other students are interested in joining you.

A deposit payment is required on booking your class and the balance is payable in full 14 days before the class date. The deposit payment varies according to which class you are booking. The deposit payment is non-refundable.
If you need to cancel up to 14 days before your arranged date, and would like to rearrange, the class payment minus the deposit may be transferred to your new date. A further deposit will be required for your new date.
If you need to cancel within 7 days of your class date, I will only be able to transfer payment if I am able to fill your class place with another student or take on other work for that date.