Meet Sylvia



My name is Sylvia Joy, and I live in the wonderfully vibrant town of Hastings in East Sussex, UK.

My passion is creativity in all its varied forms. I am primarily an artist and my canvas is cake!
As well as a background in art I am qualified as a teacher, with experience of teaching both children and adults.

I have four children, and with a family tradition of themed birthday parties, I have spent many years baking and decorating birthday cakes. I can still remember with pleasure, many of the birthday cakes my mum made for me as a child.

Eventually I made the natural decision to turn a hobby into a business. I spent time learning, practising and refining techniques to improve my skills in cake decorating and sugarcraft, and the learning process never stops. Art of Cake by Sylvia is based at my home where I run a professional business and hold the highest grade (5) in Food Hygiene standards.
Being a perfectionist, I can be a bit obsessive about the little things, paying meticulous attention to detail on cakes. My clients tell me it shows! I have worked hard, by testing and tweaking recipes, to ensure that my works of art taste as amazing as they look!

Today I have huge pleasure in creating spectacular centrepieces of cake art. I love it when someone says ‘Is that really cake??!!’ Or ‘I thought those (sugar) flowers were real!’ Or ‘That looks just like the real thing!’ Or even, ‘It was the best cake myself and my guests have ever tasted!!’ Just a few of the wonderful comments I’ve received regularly over the years.

I love the opportunity to bring joy into a person’s life through a bespoke and very personal cake.
It’s such a privilege to be a part of a couple’s wedding day, a Golden Wedding Anniversary or the celebration of a milestone 90th birthday…

Whatever the occasion I can’t help but agree with the quote that ‘A party without cake is just a meeting.’ – Julia Child

I often get asked which are my favourite cakes to make. What I love about my job as a bespoke cake designer, is that no two cakes are ever the same. So while I love designing and creating a stunning wedding cake with exquisite sugar flowers and hand-painted details, I also love a quirky sculptured 3D cake and the fun of an illusion cake.


The Bell in Ticehurst, East Sussex
Swallows Oast, Ticehurst, East Sussex
PowderMills Hotel, Battle, East Sussex
The Old Rectory, Hastings, East Sussex